Continuous research activity and producing
innovative, environment and human friendly products are our priority goals.

We manage our Research and Development activities in integrity with our Research Laboratory, Application Workshop and Quality Control Laboratory.

Doğsan Industry


Measurement is one of the main elements that ensure that production conforms to technical and economic conditions. Whether it is the setting of parts or the setting of machines, it is essential to be sure of measurement and control. Determining the best fit for the picture and model is a matter of expertise. It is possible to get accurate results with trained experts.

Doğsan Industry

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the acquisition of design information of a product in order to be able to reproduce or improve the product in cases where the design information of a physically existing product is not available. The product is scanned with 3D optical measurement systems and numerical data is obtained. This data is defined as polygon mesh (STL) data. The CAD data of the product is obtained with a precision engineering study by using the relevant reverse engineering software over the Polygon mesh data.

Doğsan Industry

3D Modeling

In parallel with the development of computer technologies, the design and production processes are also digitized very rapidly. We make solution-oriented designs for our customers with our in-house product design, mold design and machine design services.

Doğsan Industry

Prototype Production

In the context of the design engineering process, we perform analyzes to improve existing designs or products being designed. Production Services mock up test and prototype phase visual Prototypes are produced and tested; After repeating this cycle several times, a pilot study of the production process is carried out. Necessary adjustments are made before finalizing the production phase. In addition to ongoing performance tests, we also conduct market tests to check the acceptability of the product among the identified target audience.

Doğsan Industry

Mold Production

We closely follow the rapidly developing technology in the sector in order to provide better quality and faster service with our expert staff, and we know that every innovation will enable us to achieve results with better quality, faster and at once. This process from product design to mold design and from mold design to mold delivery is followed with great care. We know that this process is a necessary process for us to offer the best quality to our customers.

Doğsan Industry

Plastic Production

We are at your service with our expert team in the production of plastic parts in the desired weight and shape by injecting the plastic raw material melted by heat into a mold and shaping it and removing it from the mold by cooling.

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